Ovomundi. A Universe within an egg.

The world is well into what Western scholars consider to be the Fourth Age of the Earth, and civilization and culture spreads across the globe, facilitated by the caravans and trade ships that circle it. Archwizards from every continent keep in contact via a network of scrying pools and magic mirrors, maintaining a secret society known only to the most canny or conspiracy-obsessed members of society. The Dwarves work deep in the mountains on their wondrous works, the Elves flit about the forests keeping centuries-old accords and grudges, and great beasts roam the wide untamed wilds of the world.

In the Ovomundi setting, the unverse as it is understood by its denizens exists within the shell of an egg. The Material Plane, what we would understand as the “real world” and also called "Aerta,” exists as the “yolk” of this egg, with various other planets orbiting around it through the dimensional plasma, connected to ours through small veinlike wormholes, though some planes are more closely connected than others. Outside the shell of the egg is a complete mystery even to the oldest gods of the Ovomundi. What would happen if the egg hatched, if it indeed even should be allowed to, or if there’s even any way of telling or influencing either way is a subject of hot debate for planar philosophers and extradimensional beings alike. Much of the cosmic-level conflict in the Ovomundi-verse revolves around each god’s opinion and intention regarding the shell that surrounds the multiverse.

The bulk of the action in Ovomundi takes place within the Fractured Kingdoms, a portion of Western Europe that contains the Principalities of Alemannia, La Liga Iberia, and L’Hexagonne. These regions are historically sources of great political turmoil and upheaval, drawing warriors and wanderers from across the planet to the near-constant wars that spring up in an attempt to win renown, fortune, or other, more esoteric goals. Even without a war on, the centuries of conflict have drawn numerous monsters and supernatural presences to the Fractured Kingdoms, leaving plenty for would-be heroes to try their mettle against. They say the Gods keep one eye fixed on the Fractured Kingdoms at all times, and the sentiment is especially true for those deities who thrive on bloodshed, conflict, or bravery, such as Öngrin, Qanli, and Heshraim.