La Liga Iberia

La Liga Iberia

Iberia is a picturesque and mostly ocean-bordered region to the southeast of L’Hexagonne, with the independent kingdom of Lusitane taking up the western coast of the area and abstaining from participating in the rest of the region’s interpolitical climate. p.

The remainder of the region is governed by La Corona Del Reyes, or the Crown of Kings; a council made up of the rulers of Iberia’s thirteen largest kingdoms, who have an uneasy accord with one another to maintain a facade of peace. The facade is thin, however, as behind closed doors each king plots to depose, destroy, or assimilate all the others in hopes of expanding their own territory.

The current composition of La Corona Del Reyes is as follows:

-Hakeem Al-Khalid, King of Andalusia

-Joaquin Guerrero, King of Catalonia

-Anso Reyes, High King of Madrid

-Alejandra Rojas, Battle-Queen of Valencia

-Paolo Aguirre, Lord of Galicia

-Leandro Caro, King of Castille-Leon

-Ximena Espinosa, Queen of Aragon

-Ramona Sierra, Empress of Navarre-True Neutral

-Reynaldo Valdez, King of Cantabria

-Emilio Suárez, king of Castile-La Mancha

-Felipe Pajaro,_ Lord of Asturias_

-Mustafa Royalle, Lord and Master of Extremadura

-Justina IV, Queen of La Rioja

In addition to the various forces maintained by each of the thirteen kingdoms, Iberia also boasts an additional notable faction:

-Los Cazadores, a sect of highly trained assassins, manhunters, and mercenaries each groomed from childhood to be living weapons by legendary assassin Tomas De Valencia. At any given time there are between fifteen and twenty Cazadores active within Iberia, fulfilling contracts for whomever has enough coin to pay. Tomas maintains a friendly relationship with each member of the Crown of Kings, but doesn’t put support in any given faction without being paid; Tomas De Valencia’s main allegiance, and by extension Los Cazadores’, is first and foremost gold.

La Liga Iberia

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