L’Hexagonne and the Empire of the Golden Oak

L’Hexagonne is in many ways the centerpiece of The Fractured Kingdoms, being situated between Alemannia and Iberia, as well as sharing borders of Schweiss and Enotria with Alemannia. Its coasts also connect it by sea to The Greater Maghreb to the south and The Summer Kingdom to the north, though few dare to attempt to trade with the Fey lords.

From 1464-1492, the region of L’Hexagonne was ruled by a despotic tyrant now known to history only as the Nameless King; anecdotal accounts of his reign remain, but it appears as if any hard information regarding his name or any details of his life have simply been wiped from existence entirely. p.

In 1492, control of L’Hexagonne was wrested from the Nameless King in a revolution that was known as the Liberation War, as a group of adventurers known as the Peackeepers raised an army comprised of barbarians, fey warriors, samurai, and countless others, bolstered and populated by the disenfranchised peoples of L’Hexagonne. The Liberation War was a resounding success, and over the next five years L’Hexagonne broke apart into a number of mostly-autonomous provinces, protected and in dire situations governed by an overarching organization called the Empire of the Golden Oak.


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