The Principalities of Alemannia

The Principalities of Alemannia

The Principalities are a vast and roiling region to the east of L’Hexagonne, bordering the Nordlands to the north, Polska and Magyar to the East, and Schweiss and Enotria to the South. The political makeup of Alemannia is constantly shifting, with king and dynasties rising and falling within the span of single generations, though a few truly great royal lines stand the test of time.

Individual governments within Alemannia move too quickly to be cataloged thoroughly without an inordinate amount of time and research, so a short list of major factions and particularly notable kingdoms have been detailed below.

-The Frozen Horde: a kingdom of barbarians, wild warriors, and druids led by the hero-king Wulfric Bluestone, rallying around the strength of their king and his legendary Ice-Chipped Axe. The kingdom remains primarily nomadic, but maintains a stronghold carved from blue stone somewhere in the Alemannian Alps, where they are said to withdraw in times of crisis; thus far, no crisis has ever been enough to drive the Frozen Horde from their roaming.

-The Tide of Bone: Less a “kingdom,” the Tide of Bone is a herd of animated corpses, skeletons, and other undead abominations led by the undying lich Leo of Mormont, a sorcerer-king from the Third Age who maintains a gnarled, clawed grip on this life. The Tide of Bone is ever growing, for those struck down by the gnashing teeth of its war machine are summarily added to its number, and the vast battlefields of Alemannia leave ample fodder to bolster its ranks.

-The League of Heroes: A loose alliance of warriors from across the planet, the League of Heroes exists to catalogue, categorize, and collect tales of heroes in the constant turmoil and upheaval of the Fractured Kingdoms. The League also serves as a sort of contract brokering house, fielding requests for monster slaying from various kingdoms and distributing to whichever heroes with League affiliation are closest and most well-suited to the job.

-The Clan of Clouds: Driven from the moors of Caedonia during the Fey War of the 1100’s, the Clan of Clouds settled themselves in the stormy Halferd mountain ranges of North Alemannia, where they grew to meld in harmony with the Storm Giants that called the mountains home. Every few generations a warrior of particular note is chosen to become Stormborn, granted the strength of the Giants and given the legendary Blade of the Highlands so as to lead the clan into greater glory. It is rumored that one such Stormborn numbers among the Peacekeepers, bridging an alliance between the Golden Oak and the Clan of Clouds.

The Principalities of Alemannia

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